the LAB

LimonLAB was established as an urban laboratory dedicated to the experimentation and development of architecture and design. The LAB is a small trans-disciplinary office working on design, architecture, and landscape urbanism on a variety of projects that span nationally and globally. Depending on each project, the LAB expands and contracts according to the scope of the work. Fellow architects, designer, and artists collaborate on projects, bringing with them a high level of expertise which allows the LAB to take on varied project types. The LAB associates with local architects and engineers with projects abroad, and in NYC with a structural engineer. With new methods of communication, we are able to have seamless collaborations with offices abroad. LimonLAB’s commitment to establish itself in NYC offers the benefit of being surrounded by talent and resources while providing  a base where the LAB can operate on a global level. 

LimonLAB has adopted the approach to challenge when it can with the normative strategies currently operating within realm of design, architecture, and urbanism, both politically and formally. The LAB chooses to take projects that deal with the public realm and those which have the potential to provide new solutions and social strategies of organization yielding innovative sustainable master plans.

The LAB focuses on site organizations and projects that embrace technology as a means to the economics of energy, modularity, performative sustainable landscapes, and new modes of social interaction within new programmatic master planning. This is an ongoing research project for the LAB which investigates critically through its projects and international urban competitions. The formal approach of the LAB’s work is predominately based on digital processes in form making and programmatic single surface conditions synthesis yielding a variety of spatial and architectural conditions.

Recently the LAB has participated in two housing efforts aboard - BOOM Costa del Sol, Spain and an LGBT retirement housing complex and prefab affordable housing in Toluca, Mexico.  LimonLAB will commence on the design of Arts Olympus artists village in Panama City. The village will include performance spaces, galleries and artists housing and studios. Currently the office is working on three houses including a 150 School House in Vermont, a ground up house in Beacon NY, and a house renovation in Wykoff, NJ.